Featured: Sarah Dingwall

Glass rings, hanging glass objects
Sarah is a graduate of the Bachelor of Fine Art with a major in Glass, Monash University, Melbourne. She enjoys creating wearable pieces as well as purely aesthetic glass objects.

“An actor, a singer, an artist. Or someone who makes Kinda Surprise toys.” An ambitious 11 year old Sarah weighs up her options.

One lucky day (years later) Sarah stumbled upon an exciting and mysterious thing called 'glassblowing'. She completed her Degree in Fine Art with a Major in Glass, in 2009.

Sarah now works with glass though a couple of processes – glassblowing and flameworking. She lives and works on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Sarah hires a friend's glassblowing studio in the middle of the bush somewhere nearby, while she has a small flameworking studio set up in the shed at home. She has made friends with the mice and spiders there.

Sarah has always been fond of shiny things, things that look edible. And if they can be worn, well that's even better. She enjoys creating wearable glass pieces, and believes that glass should be worn as much as possible, because it feels quite wonderful.

Sarah probably most enjoys collaborating with her oldest friend, nature. She has found that glass and nature can go hand-in-hand, complementing each other, making a fine pair. Sarah often uses glass as a means to capture and display found objects from her favourite place – the backyard. Nature is like a kind old friend, providing decent company and showing her cool things that keep her mind fresh.

Sarah hopes to be making things for a very long time. She's a firm believer in choosing handmade. If your glass ring happens to break, she will fix it for you. x