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new life from old books
We love everything about old books.

In 2004 we started daydreaming about how to rescue and reuse old and unloved books to create unique stationery in an environmentally responsible way. It took some time and some more daydreaming, but in 2005 Rebound came to life.

At Rebound we make journals, sketchbooks, photo albums, pocket books, calender diaries, record cards and bookmarks. We use unwanted, pre-loved hard covers and fill them with blank 100% recycled paper. Each one is unique and handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

We take something old (and likely to end up in landfill) and recreate it as something new and beautiful using 100% recycled paper. Now given a new life, the books can be filled with thoughts, sketches, shopping lists, ideas or photos of your own.

Each Rebound Book is handmade, each cover is unique, each page is hand cut and each binding is closed by hand.

At Rebound we are constantly driven to improve the way we do things and minimise our impact on the planet. We use every part of the original book and whatever we can’t use we donate to local artists. 

All of our processes and machinery are manual and require no power or fuel other than old-fashioned elbow grease.

We get a kick out of seeing how our journals, sketchbooks, photo albums, diaries, notepads and bookmarks are loved by our customers. It's almost as much as we love making them!

Natalie & Ben Mason
Rebound Books