Ceramics Collective

Joining together to form a Ceramics Collective for Bowerbird's May event we are thrilled to promote -

Stephanie James -Manttan
- a ceramic artist with an arts practice here in Adelaide.  The porcelain objects Stephanie makes are inspired by indigenous basket weaving which she was exposed to whilst assisting in a workshop at Alice Springs.

Jane Roberston
- lives on an Adelaide Hills ironstone landscape where inspires and nutures Jane and her work.  Jane's  wheel - formed iron speckled porcelain pieces are sold in selected galleries nation-wide.

Susan Frost
- works from her studio based at the Jam Factory, her vessels are wheel thrown in porcelain and glazed in soft contemporary colours  with a focus on functional pieces that can be used every day.

Maria Chatzinikolaki

- is interested in patterns and designs inspired by nature, ancient civilizations and classical art movements. "The decoration treatment is the interpretation of an idea onto an object and finally into something decorative and functional."