Bowerbirder Denis Smith Goes Global!

Denis Smith launched his intriguing, thought provoking photographs at the very first Bowerbird and now he's gone global with a short film he helped produced.  Check out the media release below for the details.  Well done Denis!

MEDIA RELEASE – August 2011
Ball of Light - How Photography Saved A Life
Local Adelaide creative's, Sam Collins (documentary filmmaker) and Denis Smith (professional light painter) have combined their unique talents to produce a short film “Ball of Light - How Photography Saved A Life”. Sam and Denis originally met less than a year ago at Adelaide’s Bowerbird Bazaar, and what started out as a small creative project now has a massive global following!

The 15 minute film explores Denis's life changing journey into photographic art and his creative response to Australia's awe-inspiring landscapes. In 2007, Denis was based in New Zealand, working in a high pressure sales job, struggling with drink, debt and depression. His marriage was driven to the brink and he was forced to make drastic changes. He moved to Australia and soon discovered light painting, an extraordinary form of photography which allows for vibrant and dreamlike imagery. Through a new found love of creativity, Denis began to change his life and find clarity.

Ball of Light is a unique project - a blend of traditional landscape photography and surrealism. Denis augments various locales with mystical portals bursting with otherworldly colours and energy. Imagination and wonder lie at the heart of his work - there is no use of Photoshop or editing software.

"There is so much post processing of photography today, I wanted to create something that was real, yet unreal. No pixels are added or subtracted from the Ball of Light images."

Within the first few months of its' online release, the Ball Of Light film has gone 'viral', with more than 100,000 viewers in 150 countries. This alone is a great achievement for an online short film. In a time where the global media is saturated with tragedy and sadness, the Ball of Light has offered a refreshing change. Many people have found the film to be uplifting and inspiring, and it has provided hope for people wanting to make a positive change in their own lives.

The online global exposure has given both Sam and Denis many opportunities to share their creativity. Denis was featured last month on a Canadian online TV program where he was interviewed for 2 hours via Skype at 3.30am Adelaide time! The Ball of Light production was also recently purchased by Red Bull Media in Germany where the film will be aired on TV across 6 European countries. Denis is being flown to Munich in September for a feature TV interview with the Red Bull Media Group.

For more information please contact:
Kyrie Kohlhagen | media@denissmith.com.au | 0404 343 885

Ball of Light Movie - http://www.denissmith.com.au/about/ball-of-light-movie/
Denis Smith – http://www.denissmith.com.au
Sam Collins – http://www.samcollinsmedia.com