Set Up Day

A few sneaky snaps of SETUP day, the day the power goes in, the lights go up, the tables arrive, the chairs (and more tables)are made, the cloths come out, the temp fence stands tall, the signage salutes, the BUZZ BEGINS..

Jane and Rebekah would like to say a big thank you to our helpers -the BOWERBIRD TEAM!  You make it happen (far more quickly than just the two of us can!).

We thank you Mr Jones and bute ute, oh so cool Jon Pullman, gorgeous Anne Barwick (& baby Seth), timeless Timothy Cichero (and can we thank ourselves? - ok then, thanks Jane & Bek). Tradies too - of course, we thank you for coming on time - well mostly!  

A greatly run, smoothly executed set up day.  We're ready for you. you Designer Makers you, come on in and  transform your stalls into mini pop up shops of lovely goodness for all to buy!

the oh so cool for school chairs - thank you Lachi - The Auction Rooms
The bute ute transporter
The Bowerbird team minus one (behind the camera) - helpers with heart!
The setup day before the designer maker arrive!
the oh so cool Jon Pullman & always there terrific Tim - we thank you!
Mr Jones you were there again for us - we salute you lolly - pop sucking sir!
the tower of tables and stools - pop up art installation of the oh so practical kind 
The stable table of Bowerbird events
Love a bit of freshly laundered linen
More chairs arriving
Tables, tables, and more tables!
Jane and Mr Jones hard at it!