Workshop with Active Art Studios

Come see how it's done with Sarah-Jane...

A bit about Yarn Bombed Bikes
The yarn bombed Tricycle in the image below was made over one long winter by Sarah-Jane. The trike itself has served two generations of my family and I couldn't throw it away. It's actually not ridable anymore so I made it into an arwork! I couldn't tell you how much wool or how long it took to do exactly...but I did get a bit of R.S.I making it, if that gives you an idea.
The two wheeler BMX bike was yarn bombed by myself and fellow craft-club gals: Branwen Davies, Maureen Cook, Nunya Glazbrook and Illy Kalloniatis for the Tour Down Under earlier this year. It was on display locked to a lamp post on Rundle street. Over the course of the tour both the front and back wheels went missing leaving just a frame. Eventually, we got both wheels back!!! It is now on display in front of my house attached high up on a palm tree in the front yard.
Craft-Night at my studio - Active Art Studios in Port Adelaide are held on the third Tuesday of the month (excluding December) so if anyone is interested please come along. It's only $6 and you can get involved in Yarn Bombing and lots of other crafty stuff.