Featured: Messagemark

Kyrie Kohlhagen from Messagemark

Adelaide based designer Kyrie Kohlhagen and creator of Messagemark is committed to produce fun and happy paper products using 100% recycled materials to spread love and joy to others.

Taking inspiration from Scandinavian & mid-century design, Kyrie has spent the last five years weaving her carefree nature and design aesthetic into every card she has created.

“I originally started Messagemark while living in New Zealand as a part-time hobby business. Then not long after, my personal life took a dramatic turn for the worst - I was unexpectantly diagnosed with Cancer.

As I went through the different stages of Cancer treatment, I made thank you cards to give to everyone that helped me along the way - doctors, nurses, specialists, volunteers, family, friends etc. It was my way of showing my appreciation and to say thank you.

At the time being creative was healing, and gave me a future focus. Cancer really changed my perspective of life and opened up new opportunities. The overall experience has played a big part in the ongoing creation and development of Messagemark. I suppose you could say, the products I design, and the philosophy of my business are now a part of me and my own life journey.

In May 2009 I moved back to my home town Adelaide and since then I am excited that Messagemark has become my full time career.

I am happy to be involved once again in the Bowerbird Bazaar. Bowerbird is a wonderful way to promote my new products to the Adelaide market. And best of all, I get to chat with my customers face to face which is a hoot!”

Messagemark paper products are quirky, colourful and fun. The card range is available in three sizes - introducing the Msg, Chat and Jot Card. Other products include gift tags, invites, postcards, CD cards and wall art.

View the entire range online at 
www.messagemark.com.au. All sales through the Messagemark online store raise money to help develop a cure for Cystic Fibrosis through supporting Cure4CF Foundation. (An Adelaide charity based at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.)