Featured: Okt-oberdee

a unique range incorporating timber and vintage materials
So,the story goes... 

After completing my degree in Industrial Design I found a way to combine my love of all things textile, vintage & quirky with my new found love of functionality and usability. I am often asked where the name okt-ober dee stems from, my birthday is in October, and Dee is short for design.  Sweet, Simple.

This season I have designed my fourth range of handbags, I love injecting new practical ideas and amazing vintage fabrics into this age-old profession. 

Before I started designing handbags I had been dappling in jewellery for quite a while, as well as leather scarves and refashioned neck ties, which I have reintroduced to this seasons range.  Now, I still love creating jewellery pieces, you might notice an uneasy balance of brooches. I love brooches.  If I thought it would work I would make a whole shop filled with brooches.  I love them because you can wear them on your clothes, your bag or even around home on a cushion.  My love of timber is also reflected throughout the collection.

I am a true hoarder, to which my mum can attest.  I am on first name basis with the guys that work at the tip shop, for no other reason than I shop there almost weekly. And if you need to find an op-shop in the Geelong area I can list 30 odd. Thank you Mum, for putting up with me, the 'creative' daughter.  But I can swear that each and every object I 'hoard' comes in handy whether its used in a product or helps to inspire a new concept.  Promise. xx

Thanks also to the rest of my family, for helping steer me in the direction of my dream career, helping with odd, and sometimes really 'odd' jobs. 
And lastly, thank you for supporting Independent Australian Designers, not only are you supporting okt-ober dee but the many small, local production companies and suppliers I work with. And remember ALL okt-ober dee products are made here in Australia. Yay!!

I love what I do, I hope you love it too.
Lauren xx